Meanwhile in Denmark

November 5 – December 8 2019

Danish contemporary art

The Maison du Danemark at Galerie Odile Ouizeman

“Meanwhile in Denmark” will shine a torch on a contemporary Danish art, focusing on artworks with a global perspective that represent the best of the Danish art scene. The title indirectly refers to the fact that the Maison du Danemark's cultural space will be closed for renovation during the exhibition.

In the exhibition, photography will rub shoulders with video art and VR imaginings of the future and sound and word sculptures will fill the space. The ten artists featured work in widely differing ways, but something their artworks have in common is the way in which the body, texture and substance are heard, seen and felt. These artists appeal to us to make use of our imagination and our ability to conceptualize.

Catalogue (in English and French)
Meanwhile in Denmark, Danish contemporary art in 2019
Maison du Danemark, October 2019
ISBN: 978-2-914878-33-3


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